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Philips Norelco Cordless Rechargeable Shaver

The Philips Norelco Cordless Rechargeable Shaver model 7710 is one of technology’s greatest gift to men. This shaver has a Precision Cutting System that has thin heads that will be able to give you a great shave by cutting long facial hairs and addressing stubbles with its holes, this shaving system is also there in all the braun rasierer as well. Superior Lift and Cut Technology also contributes to getting that clean shave by lifting hair with its dual blade system so that it can get into problem areas under the skin. Next, there is no need to worry about targeting other problem areas due to contours because its Patented Reflex Action Shaving system adjusts to curves on the face. It has stainless blades that can be easily cleaned under running water. This can be charged which will run up to 25 minutes.

Philips Norelco Cordless Rechargeable Shaver Review:

The 167 customers who reviewed this electric shaver gave it an average customer rating of 3.6 out of 5. We can see from the breakdown of votes that the majority of the customers at 31% gave this 5 stars followed by 29% who gave it a score of 4.

This is a highly recommended shaver by satisfied customers. Many have come to trust the brand and some of them had other models of Norelco shavers until it gave up. It has been able to provide a close shave for many men. One customer who has a heavy beard was happy that this razor was able to meet his need to shave a beard that had about 3 days of growth in it. He noted that his skin was sensitive too, but this razor did not irritate him at all. He also found that it worked just fine even with or without a cord. Other reviewers were happy about how fast it is to have it cleaned since it can just be cleaned by running it underwater. A reviewer remarked that this was a great quality product that provides a close shave and is easy to maintain while at a very reasonable price.

There were some issues regarding this electric shaver. A few commented that it doesn’t work as long as mentioned. Several of them had issues with the battery. Other customers who have been using Norelco razors in the past were disappointed that this unit came out in the market because they felt that it just didn’t match up to the standard of the former products made by the same company. Lastly, some customers were just not at all happy that it took them more time than they hoped for in order to get that clean close shave.

Even if the opinions differentiate, we believe that this product is one that will be able to provide customers a great shave for an affordable price. Based on how many customers gave it a high score and their reviews, we can see that majority did like this product. We believe that this is a great electrical shaver which we recommend.

Fractional Laser And Prp Therapy – Know About It!!

Environmental damage, sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition and improper skin care regimen can make your skin lose its elasticity and glow. All these factors contribute towards a lifeless skin. Using creams and natural remedies for reversing the skin damage takes years and even then, you don’t acquire a perfect skin. Dermatologists have come up with a treatment named Fractional Laser and PRP Therapy in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah that will provide you perfect skin. Fractional Laser mainly focuses on the reversing the signs if aging and PRP therapy makes your skin look hydrated, plump and rejuvenated.

Ethos Spa is offering treatment to all age groups. There is a change in the lifestyle of the people. There is a need for balanced diet with a therapy. You can learn about it to get the effective results without any side-effects on face and hair.

Are you the right prospect?

Before going for Fractional Laser and PRP Therapy in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, it is important to know whether this treatment is best suited for you or not. Here are the key points to consider:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to undergo the treatment.
  • You must not have any chronic disease.
  • You want to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • You want to have a glowing, healthy and rejuvenated skin.
  • You must not be pregnant.
  • You must not be breastfeeding.

Pre-Procedural Care

Fractional Laser and PRP Therapy in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah require certain pre-procedural care measures to be followed. Here is a list of the most important ones:

  • Limit your sun exposure and wear a sun block.
  • Avoid tanning; fake or natural.
  • Do not use any creams with Retinoid.
  • Fill in your prescriptions, ahead of time.
  • Avoid wearing makeup on the day of the Laser Treatment.


Fractional Laser and PRP Therapy in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi is a non invasive procedure that takes less than an hour to complete. It comprises of the following key steps:

  • Your skin is properly cleaned to get rid of any dirt and makeup.
  • With the help of an injection, your blood is extracted.
  • It is then allowed to spin in a centrifuge which separates red blood cells from platelet rich plasma.
  • With the help of micro needles, your skin is numbed.
  • A fractional CO2 Laser device is moved across the skin surface.
  • device is moved across the skin surface. It gets rid of dead skin cells and triggers collagen production.
  • Afterward, platelet Rich Plasma is injected into your skin via micro injections.
  • The entire procedure will take less than an hour to complete.

Post-Procedural Care

Fractional Laser and PRP Therapy in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah requires certain post-treatment care measures to be followed after the treatment. Follow these guidelines:

  • If you experience swelling, use cold compressions to minimize it.
  • Avoid using any scented products on your skin for a few days.
  • Always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen.
  • Do not massage the treated region for at least a week.
  • Avoid picking at your skin and do not touch your face excessively.


The Fractional Laser and PRP Therapy in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi has endless benefits. Some key benefits include:

  • Fractional Laser and PRP Therapy is a non-invasive procedure.
  • is a non-invasive procedure. It is suitable for all skin types.
  • It is suitable for all age groups.
  • It completely eliminates signs of aging. It imparts a healthy glow to your skin.
  • It evens out your skin tone.
  • It makes your skin look plump and healthy.


The Fractional Laser and PRP Therapy in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah produces long lasting results. You wouldn’t have to go for maintenance treatments after every few months. Number of sessions can vary from person to person depending upon the extent of damage done to your skin. Now you can wave goodbye to damaged skin and welcome glowing skin with wide arms.