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How Men Over 40 Can Blast Away Impotence Without the Use of Prescription Drugs

Many men over 40 feel frustrated and overwhelmed by a myriad of problems, one of which is impotence. This is described as the inability to gain or maintain an erection for a sustained period of time, and is a problem for millions of men. Some men take expensive prescription medications such as Viagra without really researching any natural ways to alleviate this problem. Most of the cases of impotence can be traced to physical causes like : physical injury, side effects of prescription drugs, blood flow problems (atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and aneurysms), brain disorders, hormonal problems, diabetes, drug abuse and other physical diseases. Stress and other psychological factors account for the other cases of impotence.

You can fight impotence by following the following tips :

Eat a balanced diet and maintain your correct body mass index (BMI) – this is very important and contributions to your sexual health by maintaining a optimal blood pressure. A diet high in fruits and vegetables and low amounts of high fat and salt foods would help to maintain and optimize blood-pressure since both high and low brought pressure can cause impotence. Obesity can also increase your risk of developing diseases such as atherosclerosis and diabetes which can result in impotence, hence a balanced diet is absolutely imperative. The hyper male force reviews will be different from drugs. There will be no addictive behavior if the consumption has been under according to the prescription of the experts. The following of the tips with nutritious diet will be beneficial to reduce the side-effects. It is important information that should be communicated. 

Exercise regularly –

it has been proven that regular exercise helps to control obesity, regulates blood pressure and improve heart health. All of these things go a long way in helping to improve health conditions such as impotence. It is recommended that a minimum of 30 minutes per day of exercise should be undertaken to optimize this essential activity.

Avoid harmful drugs and alcohol –

it has been shown that alcohol can cause depression, damage the central nervous system and screw around with hormone levels (lower testosterone levels) though this is generally when consumed in large amounts. Harmful drugs such as heroin, cocaine and other illegal drugs cause impotence by directly affecting the brain and hormone levels. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs can also cause impotence due to their dangerous side effects so speak with your doctor before starting any new prescription regime.

Take your vitamins everyday or consume foods with the requisite vitamins – antioxidants are molecules which counteract the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules which damage cells and the many diseases including heart disease and impotence. Vitamins which are antioxidants are vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E and foods such as carrots, spinach and dark leafy greens, strawberries, citrus fruits such as oranges and vegetable oils all contain these antioxidants and that such help to fight impotence.

Jaime London is a writer, contributor, editor and a photographer. He started his career as an editorial assistant in a publishing company in Chicago in 2009.