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Month: November 2022

What Is The History Of Fortnite Game?

The popular battle royale shooter has now been around for over a decade and still continues to grow. The game was initially launched on the PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Android devices back in 2017.

Since then, it’s become one of the most widely played games across all platforms. According to Apptopia, it is currently the third most-played game on the iOS platform after Pokemon Go and Candy Crush Saga.

Fortnite (which you can also call as Fortnite Battle Royale) was created by Epic Games and has been developed since its initial release. Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney said that the company started to develop the game when they realized how big of an opportunity there was for a free-to-play online multiplayer shooter.

The game has spawned various spinoff titles such as Fortnite Seasonal Challenges, Fortnite Puzzle Battle, Fortnite Save the World, Fortnite Creative, and Fortnite Squad.

In this article, we will look at some of the best statistics related to Fortnite to help you understand better how many players are playing the game today. We have also included information about the history of the game, how much it costs to buy the game, and what other games are similar to Fortnite.

How many people play Fortnite in 2022

According to Statista, the total number of people who play Fortnite each month worldwide reached 9 million in October 2019. That means that around 90% of gamers were playing the game at least once during that period.

Fortnite is available on almost every major gaming console platform including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. It is also available for mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy S10. However, the game does not have official versions for the Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch.

Epic Games released the iOS version of the game on November 1, 2019. The game’s popularity soon led to the launch of Fortnite Mobile which was later renamed to Fortnite Free in March 2020.

Fortnite Mobile (or Fortnite Free) became the most downloaded app on the App Store with more than 100 million downloads. This made it the fastest selling app of the year according to Apple. And, it was the number one paid app in both the US and UK.

Meanwhile, Fortnite remains the world’s top grossing app, generating $5 billion in revenue from in-app purchases alone. This is a staggering figure considering that the game is completely free to download and play. Furthermore, Fortnite’s success is largely due to its ability to attract new users while retaining existing ones.

Why most of players want to play black knight fortnite this is a very common question which is asked by most of the players those who are not playing this game. So for them the simple answer is this that they will not understand it. if someone is not playing and still passing comments then for players it is useless. So try it once and then say about it.

It should be noted that all the above figures show the total number of active monthly players. There are a lot of people who play Fortnite only occasionally but those numbers do not get added into our calculations. So, if you want to know exactly how many people actually play Fortnite on a daily basis, take a look at our article on how to find out the best time to play Fortnite.

Fortnite history

For those who don’t remember, Fortnite is an action survival video game where up to 100 players fight for survival against deadly monsters called “zombies”. In the game, players need to build their own base on a map and collect supplies to survive.

You can use items found inside the maps to upgrade your weapons and armor. You can also build defenses to protect your base against incoming zombies and even attack other players’ bases to destroy them.

Epic Games first released Fortnite in July 2017 for the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U. The game quickly became the biggest hit in the world with hundreds of thousands of players joining the game every day.

Over the years, the game has grown to include several different modes like PvE (Player vs Environment), PVE (Player vs Player), and PvP (Player Vs Player).

There is also a mode called Fortnite Battle Royale where 100 players are put in a game zone and must fight each other until only one player survives.

However, the success of the game has led to multiple controversies. For example, Fortnite was accused of using copyrighted images from Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft series because of similarities between the characters of the two games. Blizzard denied these claims.

Another controversy emerged when Fortnite was criticized for featuring a character named Glittertrap. Many users claimed that the character was too sexualized. The character was eventually removed from the game in September 2018.

Some players even complained about the game’s lack of gender diversity. While the developers had tried to introduce female models into the game, none of them seemed to be appealing enough to attract players.

The game’s popularity has now caused Fortnite to surpass games like League of Legends, Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and Minecraft.

Currently, Fortnite is the most played game on Twitch with a peak concurrent viewership of 5.8 million viewers per stream. As a result, Fortnite was chosen as the “Best Esports Game” at the E3 2019 conference held in Los Angeles, California.

How much does Fortnite cost?

When you start playing the game, you need to purchase in-game currency known as V-Bucks. These V-Bucks can be earned through gameplay, buying them from third party sellers, or by doing certain tasks in the game. Each V-Buck costs 25 cents.

As mentioned earlier, Fortnite is entirely free to download and play. However, you might face issues playing the game if you don’t have enough V-Bucks. So, you can either unlock additional content by purchasing V-Bucks or you can wait for others to spend their V-Bucks on you so that you can play the game without spending any money.

On average, the minimum amount of V-Bucks required to start playing the game is around $9.99. However, if you want to add more features to your account, you might need to spend more money. You can check out our article on how to buy Fortnite coins to learn more.

What other games are similar to Fortnite?

While Fortnite is the most popular game among young adults, it isn’t the only game like it. Here is a list of other popular games that you might enjoy playing instead of Fortnite.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive –

A first-person shooter game that lets you compete with other players in a deathmatch and team based game modes.

Hearthstone –

Another card game that allows you to build decks of cards and challenge other players to battle. Hearthstone is mainly focused on card collecting.

League Of Legends –

An addictive MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game that requires teamwork and strategy to win.

Minecraft –

A sandbox game that allows you to create anything you want within the virtual world.

Pokemon Go –

A game where you catch wild Pokemon and train them to fight against other Pokemon.

Punkbuster –

A service that offers access to premium videos and movies from major studios like Netflix, Disney, Universal Studios, and Warner Bros.

If you love playing Fortnite, but are looking for something else, maybe you should try one of the above games.

Tips For Dating Someone With Anxiety

Dating is hard. It’s hard to meet someone, it’s hard to ask them out, and it’s especially difficult to date someone who has anxiety. You don’t have to be a mental health professional to know that dating can be stressful. But what if you are dating someone with anxiety? How do you deal with the extra stress of dating someone with anxiety?

Below are four tips for dating someone with anxiety. Join senior dating sites today for true love.

Be patient

Just because your partner has anxiety does not mean they’re going to be a bad person or a horrible friend. They may just be anxious about being in a relationship. So, don’t take their anxiety personally. Be patient with them; don’t expect too much from them. If they make mistakes, let them fix them. Don’t try to change them – be yourself and allow them to be themselves as well.

Don’t judge them by their past

If you’ve dated before, then you might think that this person will act the same way. But trust me when I say that they won’t. A lot of people who suffer from anxiety have been through a lot of stuff in their life that can impact how they interact with others. So, don’t judge them based on their previous experiences; instead, focus on their present self.

Take care of yourself

You need to take good care of yourself so that you can be there for your partner. When you’re dating someone with anxiety, you might feel more stressed than usual due to their anxiety. So, take time off and give yourself some space. If you want to go out and enjoy something fun, do it! Just make sure you schedule plenty of time to relax afterward. Also, remember that you deserve to spend time alone. Take some time to yourself so that you can recharge and get your energy back up again.

Be respectful

I cannot emphasize this enough. There are certain things that you should never say to someone with anxiety. For example, “you’re stupid.” Or, “don’t worry about it.” Or, “it doesn’t matter.” These comments will only increase their anxiety. Instead, try saying something like, “Oh, no, I didn’t mean it like that. Let me rephrase that.”

Also, avoid making fun of their fears or phobias. This is one of the major triggers for someone with anxiety. So, keep these thoughts and jokes away from their ears. Instead, focus on positive things that encourage them to move forward.

Keep an open mind

It would be great if I could tell you that all of my problems were over once I met someone with anxiety. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. In fact, it’s even harder to date someone with anxiety. The fact that you’re reading this means that you probably already understand that dating someone with anxiety is tough. However, you don’t need to give up trying. Keep an open mind and give each other a chance. You never know which one of you might end up liking one another better.


Types Of Cannabinoids That Are Present In The Cannabis Plant

The different types of cannabinoids that are present in the cannabis plant are known as cannabinoids. Some of these can also be found in other plants, such as in hemp or marijuana.

Some of them have psychoactive effects on humans and some do not. The most important ones are known as cannabinoids. They are produced from the hemp plant (cannabis sativa) and are responsible for the plant’s medicinal properties.

There are more than 85 cannabinoids that exist in nature. These chemicals are responsible for giving the various parts of the plant their unique properties. However, the most common cannabinoids in cannabis flower include THC and CBD.

These two cannabinoids are the most important because they are responsible for creating a high when ingested. This is why people smoke it and vape it.

However, there are other lesser-known cannabinoids, which are used for specific purposes. They are often found in low concentrations. You will find that these cannabinoids are rarely mentioned by name in reviews of the top CBD flower.

Here we discuss the most common types of cannabinoids that are present in the cannabis plant.


This is the name that you will see most often when discussing cannabinoids. It stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and this is what gives the plant its euphoric effect when consumed. THC works to get the body high. This is how people get high after smoking or vaping.

However, the levels of THC in cannabis flowers are very low compared to those of CBD. Therefore, it is quite uncommon for someone who wants to try out a new strain of CBD flowers to experience any type of euphoria. Most people prefer to use CBD flowers for pain relief instead of getting high. If you want to get high, then you need to look at high-THC strains.


This stands for cannabidiol. As with THC, CBD is one of the most well-known cannabinoids that you can find in cannabis flowers. CBD has been researched extensively in recent years due to its many medical benefits. Because of this, it is widely available in the form of oils, tinctures, and even as capsules.

When CBD is extracted from the plant, it usually comes with terpenes. Terpenes are organic compounds that give certain herbs and spices their flavor. When CBD is processed into an oil, it also contains all sorts of terpenes. A lot of people like to ingest CBD in the form of a liquid extract, and that is usually because it tastes better.

You should avoid using CBD isolate when you first start experimenting with CBD flower. This is because isolates contain only CBD and no trace amounts of any other cannabinoids. This makes it very difficult to measure the exact dosage that you consume. Isolate is not recommended for beginners since it may lead to health problems down the line.


What most people refer to as cbd-a is actually cannabicyclohexanol. CBDA is not a true cannabinoid; however, it is still present in the hemp plant. It is derived from the phytocannabinoid cannabigerolic acid. That means that it shares similarities with both CBD and THC.

In addition to being a precursor molecule, it also produces a similar chemical reaction as CBD does. It is very rare to come across CBDA in cannabis flowers, but if you know where to look, you might be able to find it. In fact, this cannabinoid was once thought to be the main cause of the “high” that people felt after consuming marijuana.

It was also the primary reason that researchers believed that the psychoactive effects were caused by THC. However, studies later proved that CBDA did not play a major role in producing the psychoactive effect. Instead, it is now believed that it causes a sedative effect on the brain.


CBCA is sometimes referred to as cannabinol, and it is the least common type of cannabinoid that you will find in the cannabis plant. CBCA is also known as cannabichromene, and it is a precursor molecule to CBDA. Like CBDA, it does not produce any of its own psychoactive effects, but it is still present in the hemp plant.

Research shows that CBCA acts as a catalyst for CBDA. This means that it helps it to produce its psychoactive effects. Since CBDA is the main compound that produces psychoactivity, it is easy to understand why CBCA is also psychoactive. People who consume CBD flower often use CBCA as a sort of guide to determine the proper dosage of CBD.


When people think of CBD flowers, they generally think of pure CBD. However, most CBD flowers contain trace amounts of other cannabinoids, including CBN. CBN is also known as cannabichromopentane, and it is one of the three primary cannabinoids that you will find in cannabis flowers.

Most CBD flowers contain 1% or less of CBN. The reason that it is so small is because it is extremely hard to make. This is why people often use it as a reference point when working with CBD flower.

While CBN is not considered psychoactive, it is still present in the cannabis plant, and therefore it cannot be removed from the finished product without losing some of the benefits. Even though it is not psychoactive, it is still beneficial to consume. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘mother molecule’ because it is the base component from which other cannabinoids are made.


This cannabinoid is one of the most controversial cannabinoids found in cannabis flowers. This is because it is thought to be responsible for causing addiction in its users. However, there is little evidence to support this theory.

Even though THCV is not considered psychoactive, it is still present in the cannabis plant. This makes sense because the THCV molecule is identical to the THC molecule, except for the fact that it does not have the same psychoactive effects. However, when THCV is isolated, it produces the same effects as THC. This is why many CBD companies claim that their products do not contain any traces of THC.

If you are a beginner, it is best to stay away from THCV completely. Just remember that although it is not psychoactive, it can still affect your health negatively.


What Are The Reasons That People Choose CBD Flowers?

As a rule, it is best to avoid marijuana while sleeping. But you might want to think twice about that rule if you are using CBD flower strains for sleep.

For those of us who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, there are plenty of natural options out there. The problem is that not all the products on the market contain the right compounds for effective and safe sleep. In fact, some companies are selling their products with little oversight from any regulatory body. Therefore, you may be putting your health at risk by buying these products.

There are several good reasons why you should consider CBD-only products for sleep. These include:

Good Reasons to Choose CBD Flower Strains For Sleep

Better Quality CBD Products – When you purchase CBD flowers, you’re getting quality CBD oil. With other types of CBD products, you can get only one of the two components of CBD. You also don’t know what exactly goes into the product. It could be that the company uses fillers or even pesticides in their products. This could potentially affect your overall wellness.

No THC – Because it is legal in most states, CBD flowers are not subject to the same scrutiny as THC flowers. As such, these flowers can contain much lower levels of THC than cannabis flowers grown outdoors. If you choose an outdoor flower strain, you can expect up to 15% THC.

High-Quality CBD Oil – High-quality CBD oils provide more benefits than low-quality ones. They are made with non-GMO hemp plants, which means they aren’t loaded with pesticide residue or fillers. Plus, they don’t need to be extracted through harsh solvents like butane, propane, hexane, or ethanol. That makes them better for your skin or hair, too.

There are various online stores that provide hemp flowers for sale and if you buy it from there then you will be able to get some best discounts. On the other hand if you will purchase it from nearby stores then you may not get some discounts on it. Also if you have taken from online stores then you can return it.
Relatively Safe – Even though CBD is well known to be less harmful than THC, it still has its risks. However, many people use CBD flowers without adverse consequences. Many studies have shown that CBD does not interfere with your sleep cycle. Also, since it doesn’t make you high, there are no negative effects associated with using this type of product during sleep.

Better Prices – There are some great deals when you buy CBD flowers online. Some brands offer free shipping and discounts on bulk orders. Also, when you buy CBD flowers online, you get to keep track of your purchases so that you can rest easy.

The Right Type of Product – Some CBD flower brands sell different types of CBD flowers depending on how you prefer your sleep. For example, some people prefer to take CBD tinctures before bedtime. Others prefer vaping or dabbing CBD flower.

Ease of Consumption – Since CBD flowers do not contain any psychoactive properties, consuming them is easier than smoking or ingesting cannabis flowers. You do not need to worry about getting high after taking these flowers. Plus, they are easier to consume because they are already pre-dosed.

5 Best CBD Flower Strains for Sleep

Here are our top picks for the best CBD flower strains for sleep.

1. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is another brand worth checking out if you are looking for a strain that provides deep sleep and relaxation. While it is not recommended for children under 18 years old, it is perfect for adults. It has long been considered one of the best CBD flower strains for sleep. Its high concentration of Cannabidiol (CBD) can help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

2. Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD is another popular choice among CBD users. While you can find it at a number of retailers across the country, it was launched in the UK and now serves customers from around the world. The reason why it is popular is that it offers a wide range of strains that will help you achieve a sound night’s sleep. All of its products contain high concentrations of CBD, making them ideal for sleep. It also contains terpenes that are responsible for giving the plants aroma.

3. Kiva Connoisseur

Kiva Connoisseur is another CBD flower strain that works wonders for sleep. It is a hybrid strain that combines the goodness of CBD strains with the calming powers of indica plants. It has a pleasant, earthy taste, which makes it a perfect fit for anyone looking for a delicious CBD flower strain for sleep.

4. Humboldt County Hemp Company

Humboldt County Hemp Company is another name you should check out if you’re looking for a CBD flower strain that will help you relax and enjoy a peaceful sleep. It is a very popular strain that contains a lot of cannabidiol (CBD). It has become popular because it provides a relaxing effect that helps you sleep better. It has a clean, earthy scent, which makes it a great choice for people who hate smelling anything artificial in their room in the middle of the night.

5. Harlequin

Harlequin is yet another fantastic choice if you want to try a CBD flower strain for sleep. It combines CBD with the calming effects of its parent plant, kush. Kush plants produce a powerful euphoric feeling that makes it suitable for daytime use, but not for sleep.

These five CBD flower strains are among the best choices available on the market today. If you are tired of getting little to no results from your sleep aid products, then it’s time to start trying CBD flower strains. They can work miracles for sleep and are perfect for everyone.