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Be Smart And Find Cheap Credit Cards

Credit cards will always be a part of our lives. There is just no way to get by managing our financial affairs without the aid of the handy plastics. It is way too convenient to use credit cards in making purchases or payments, which is why they will always with us everywhere we go even in our travels overseas.

Many experts would say that looking for cheap credit cards is possible with research and comparison of online quotes and contract details. A few years back the Lite Mastercard of Bankwest was tagged as the cheapest credit card with 8.99% per annum rate. It also offers up to 55 days of no interest although its annual fee at $49 was considered a bit pricey. Incase of confusion you can visit any Cvv shop for clearing it.

In choosing a credit card, it is always smart to look at the fine print for hidden charges and additional expense. However, when you analyze the annual fee as regards with the interest, there may be cards that may seem to offer cheap rates but in reality, may turn out to be more expensive. For instance, Bankwest’s $49 annual fee and cheap interest rate fares equally with other cards with a higher interest at 10.87% but charges no annual fee.

As a smart consumer, you need to compare not only the interest but the annual fee for this can have a great impact on the total cost of your card. Encompass credit card back then is actually cheaper than Bankwest’s Lite Mastercard, but not many know this fact. However, another important consideration is when you transfer a balance from an old credit card. The higher the amount of your balance, the better it is for you to get a Bankwest card and enjoy its lower interest rate. You can also take advantage of introductory balance offers like Bankwest, which is at only 2.99% for the initial six months.

You also need to look at the charges for cash advances. This is the fee every time you withdraw from an ATM or transfer money from another credit card account to a new one. Bill payments are not considered as cash advances. Many times, banks charge higher with cash advances because these are far riskier, often a sign that the customer is having financial struggles. Banks are hoping to discourage cash advances by imposing higher fees.

If you wish to find cheap credit cards, do your math well and it may be wise to avoid cash advances to avoid higher fees. Since we cannot do without our reliable plastics, we can choose the product that offers the best deal so that we are able to manage our finances properly.


Digitalization has come up with no cash policy where a person does need to carry cash with them. Either they can pay by the cards or they can just digitally pay. Cards have been with us from a long time and people have always felt safe and comfortable with it.

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