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Beginner Bodybuilding Diet For Women

When it comes to bodybuilding, women are usually considered weaker than men. One of the major reasons for this consideration is the difference in gender hormones. Testosterone present in men helps them in bodybuilding, whereas the estrogen in women accumulates all the fat and makes bodybuilding tough for women. If you are a beginner in bodybuilding, then it is important for you to follow cardiovascular and strength training workouts. Also, you must follow an efficient bodybuilding diet for women that would help you in absorbing all the essential nutrients and gain proper results in a short duration. This is a complete guide that will help you with all the necessary facts and figures required. Do not forget to check my blog and take a reference of the best testosterone products available to boost the levels of testosterone in your body.

Bodybuilding puts enormous nutritional demands on the body, as workouts drain glycogen, sodium, electrolytes, and many other nutrients. It should be kept in mind that a carbohydrate-rich meal should be taken around two hours before going to the workout. This will increase the glycogen level in your body and will provide energy for high intensity training. After working out, one must eat easily digestible foods or protein shakes, so as to replace or regain lost nutrients. In the evenings, intake of meals with high proteins help in slow digestion and release amino acids that are critical for muscle building. Also, one must make sure that they monitor their calorie intake and do not eat more than required because that would again lead to fat accumulation.

Let us now take a look at a sample plan designed for women that would help them during their beginner bodybuilding workouts.

Beginner Bodybuilding Diet for Women


Never ever skip your breakfast. I always keep on telling this, as it is very important. After a long rest that your body gets after your night nap, it requires certain nutrients to energize itself. Thus, it is essential to have your breakfast. Following are the various options that you can try for your breakfast.

  • Half a cup oatmeal
  • Apple
  • Three whole eggs
  • Water
  • One banana (optional)
  • 2 scoops of whey protein in water (optional)

Mid-Morning Snack

Even after taking ample breakfast, your body needs more nutrients after a few hours. Thus, one must also follow a mid morning diet plan to provide essentials to the body. Following are some of the options for your mid-morning snack diet plan.

  • Protein bar
  • Protein shake


When on bodybuilding workout, you must take on a heavy lunch plan which would provide you ample nutrients, proteins, and carbohydrates. The following sample plan will help you to gain all the essential body nutrients.

  • Six oz of chicken
  • 1/3 cup of brown rice
  • Mixed veggies
  • Water

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Even after taking a heavy lunch, you would often feel hungry at mid-afternoon, as your body requires more. The heavy workout carried out by you often utilizes all the nutrients it receives in a certain duration. Thus, taking a mid-afternoon diet is necessary. Following are the options that can be taken during mid-afternoon snack.

  • Half a cup of cottage cheese or yogurt
  • Protein shake


Usually, your body starts your muscle recovery during night when you are asleep. Thus, providing ample nutrients to your body during dinner will help you in efficient muscle building. Thus, make sure you never skip your dinner and provide essential nutrients to your body by proper intake of ingredients. Following are some of the great options to be included in your dinner diet plan.

  • Six oz. of lean steak
  • One sweet potato
  • Steamed carrots
  • Water

Before Bed

Give your body some liquid diet just before you get into your bed. Following are some of the options to try out before going to the bed.

  • Protein pudding
  • Two scoops of whey protein

The above diet plan is just an example and will help you in understanding how an ideal bodybuilding diet plan for a woman must be. You can also interact with your personal trainer and nutritionist to understand your workout schedules, body growth, and body requirement to come up with a brilliant diet plan for yourself. Hope the above information about the women diet necessities and available options helps you in planning your bodybuilding diet.

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