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What Are The Top Four Tips For Storing An Electric Golf Cart In Winter?

An electric golf cart provides you convenience throughout the year, and it is necessary to maintain the vehicle. There will be a time every year when you cart becomes unusable. Yes, we are talking about winters. No one wants their vehicle needs major repairs when they use it in springs. That is why you need to store the electric golf cart properly. At the time of leaving the vehicle, don’t forget to check the battery.

Protection and preservation of the battery must be your priority. The reason is that it is going to be negatively affected by the cold weather. Therefore, you have to make the right decisions for doing the task. Before you start anything, there are some other things that you must remember when storing the cart. With lots of steps to follow, it may become difficult to do the job properly. Don’t worry as we will help you with this condition. In the guide, you will come to know about the top tips that help to store an electric golf cart in winter easily. Let us discuss these guidelines below.

  1. Checking the tire pressure

The tire pressure must be maintained between 15 to 25 PSI in carros de golf electricos. Generally, the pressure range lies between these numbers, but you must look at the correct one written on them. There is one thing to understand, and it is to ensure that the tires are inflated. Always remember that the cart will not move from its place for several months, and hence, the tires will not be able to handle the weight of the vehicle. Inflated tires make sure to protect them from any damage. Conditions like over and under inflating will not be suitable for the tires. It can create issues related to stability.

  1. Maintaining battery

One of the most vital aspects to remember is to maintain the battery. The first thing to do is to disconnect the terminals and make the battery clean. You have to perform the task with the help of a cleaning solution that can be easily available from the market. One can also use baking soda for removing corrosion from the unit. Always make sure that the battery cables are tightly fitted, and before storing the carros de golf electricos, you must fully charge the battery. It is because, after some time, that thing is going to discharge and can cause failure when you start the vehicle after winter. Therefore, make sure to do the charging process once in two weeks.

  1. Checking switches

It is the common mistake that every golfer makes. They forget to set the right switch at the time of storing the cart. Not only you have to disconnect, but you also turn off the switch to the correct position. These will shut down everything in the vehicle.

  1. Searching the rust spots

You can give a proper inspection of the cart, and you don’t need the help of a mechanic. Search for the rust spots on the outer or inner part of the shell. Always be careful while looking for spots.

To summarize, these are the top tips that will help you to store the electric golf cart in winter. Don’t forget to clean and wash the vehicle before storing it.