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Living In Miami – Not Occasionally As A Visitor But Permanently As A Citizen

Miami could quickly become your city of dreams where you would love to spend the rest of your life, whether it be your early adulthood days or your late 40s or 50s. The city has everything that a person can expect for an ideally best lifestyle. As Miami is surrounded y water, the city is full of beaches and greenery and an American city, no doubt that it has all the modern facilities you can wonder about.

But you cannot just decide to live in a city by its looks and lifestyle, but there are several other factors that you need to consider before you finally make up your mind about shifting there. Many proper housing factors are compared, considered and discussed before buying a property or choosing a locality to live in. Here we have all these factors concluded in Miami’s context, which we are sharing with you.

Miami Vicinities That Are Best For The Family Guy 

When you are shifting with your family to Miami, you need a place with easy access to primary livelihood and an adequate facility for better transportation, school, and hospitals. Moreover, it is essential that there are more families in your neighbourhood than bachelors so that you get a matching community. Keeping these and various other factors in mind, we have the following options of localities to live in Miami with your family.

  • Coral Gables is the safest neighbourhood to live in Miami, with meagre crime rates and the availability of the number of public schools and a much greener surrounding environment to live in.
  • Pinecrest is a village-like destination where several families choose to live, and this place is not much far than the downtown. Here, you will get to see farming activities taking place and not much of the city crowd and noise.

Key Biscayne and Kendall are other neighbourhoods that are family-friendly and good in the context of expenses and availability of daily needs. These are not much far away from downtown but adequately away for being a peaceful place to live.

Neighbourhoods For Those Seeking The Party Life All The Time

It’s pretty apparent to expect such a life when in Miami as it is the world’s party capital in a way, which is why many people want to live in such localities where party animals constantly surround you. And one such place does not even need mentioning, and that is the south beach of Miami. South Beach has everything that you can expect in a city where people would only live to party and nothing else.

The ocean drive’s art-deco architecture buildings, the white sand beaches, the ocean, and an uncountable number of hotels, bars and restaurants. This lifestyle could cost you expensively, but if you are filthy rich and want to live the most of your pending life, then south beach is the one place for your party cravings. Other than this you can also enjoy party life in the following places.

  • Brickell, a place not much farther from downtown Miami, is another place where you can live the nightlife and party life at a much reasonable price compared to the south beach locality.
  • Miami design district can be the next choice to find plenty of nightclubs and live the hippy lifestyle at some reasonable expense. Here you will find the best shopping experience and various museum and dining places worth eating at.

Downtown Miami can also be an option under this category as it has several party clubs, skyscrapers, hotels and a marketplace that always flourishes with people.

Other Localities Of Miami City Which Have Favourable Living Conditions

  • Coconut Grove is best known for its mixed suburb feels, and the city is pretty clean and public schools as well as bars and clubs for all sort of living.
  • Aventura is another urban neighbourhood in Miami to live in with the health centres, library and many parks available in the vicinity.
  • Bay harbour islands are best for those who want to live in a small island-like vicinity with urban facilities.

More neighbourhoods in the city you need to explore thoroughly before you shift, and local property advisors could help find the best property for you.


Jaime London is a writer, contributor, editor and a photographer. He started his career as an editorial assistant in a publishing company in Chicago in 2009.