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What Are The Different Kinds of Apple Watch Bands You Can Buy In 2021?

Apple Watch is undoubtedly one of the best accessories that the brand has created in recent times. As a smartwatch, it can easily do almost everything that you would expect. Apple Watch has set the standards high for every smartwatch in the industry. It is packed with innovative features and fantastic performance which helps you lead a healthy lifestyle. Get yourself a brand new Apple Watch & start working out to improve your health over time.

In order to wear the watch, you will need a good quality strap to match with it. There are several straps that you can find in the market. You can buy different kinds of straps which goes well with your styling sense. If you need a brand new strap, here are the best options available for Apple Watch bands series 4.

  • Solo Loop –

The Solo Loop is one of the most popular and common types of Apple Watch strap available in 2021. It has been designed to offer comfort to all the users who are planning to use the watch on a regular basis. There are no clasps or buckles but includes a seamless loop on behalf of that. You’ll be happy to know that a Solo Loop is available 7 colors and two sizes. Pink Citrus, Deep Navy, Cyprus Green, Ginger, Black, White, and Product (RED). The Apple watch strap sizes available are 40mm and 42mm.

  • Sport Band –

Sport bands have become one of the best alternatives for apple watch bands. These bands are made of fluoroelastomer and get fastened with a pin & tuck closer. The bands come in 12 different colors and available in two sizes – 40mm and 44mm options. Ginger, Cyprus Green, Deep Navy, Pink Citrus, Pink Sand and so on. These bands are really flexible & offer the maximum comfort to you always.

  • Braided Solo Loop –

Braided solo loops are made of stretchable and recycled interwoven silicone threads. Due to the premium materials that are used to create this strap, the users can enjoy amazing comfort levels. The silicone clasps deliver better grip and will never break away easily. These straps are available in only 5 different colors that include – Atlantic Blue, Inverness Green, Product RED, Pink Punch, and Charcoal. You can find it in both 40mm and 42mm strap sizes.

  • Sport Loop Bands –

If you are looking for something that can deliver extra support and reliability when you are working out, then Sport Loop bands are the best in the business. It is made of top-notch woven nylon along with dense loops which helps the moisture to circulate at all times. The watch is fastened with hook-and-loop closure. 40mm and 44mm are the standard sizes that these straps are available in.

So, here are the best Apple Watch series straps that you can buy now. Each of these straps are made of high quality materials with each one of them suitable for different occasions. Visit any Apple website and shop for the straps!

Jaime London is a writer, contributor, editor and a photographer. He started his career as an editorial assistant in a publishing company in Chicago in 2009.