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What is a Kydex holster? What are the elements of a quality holster?

If you are a gun enthusiast and probably looking for gun designs online, then you should have also listened to the word holsters. They are basically a case in which most of the gun masters keep their guns. There are various types of holsters available around in the world, but most people are in love with leather holsters, but frankly speaking, they are not the best ones for keeping your gun.

There are many users of them, but still, most of the people are not satisfied with the holsters and are looking for a change in their holsters. In this case, most people think of switching to the Kydex holsters like a tru fit tactical holster. If you don’t actually know that what are these holsters, then you should read the below-mentioned information.

What are Kydex holsters?

Kydex is a material that is made of thermosetting plastic, which can be easily reshaped with the help of heat. It is used in many devices like truck fenders, helmets, gun holsters, etc. and is very famous for being a strong supporting material. Some properties of Kydex are:-

  • It is tough and rigid, which makes it a stronger material.
  • There is a chemical resistance in the material due to polyvinyl chloride that makes it good for holsters.
  • The finished rating of the gun holsters is very good.
  • They are waterproof, and instead of rigidity, it provides the perfect level of flexibility to holsters.
  • The friction of the material is very low, which makes it perfect for those who keep on putting their guns in and out.
  • The material is low flammable, which makes it perfect for making a holster.

What to keep in mind while buying the holster for you?

If you are confused between plenty of holsters that are available around in the market, then you should know the following tips, which is surely going to help you land the best holster for you. They are:-

You should take care that it is made for your gun model

The first thing that you should keep is the gun model you own. There are different models of the gun that are available in the market, out of which must own a model which has a model number. When you buy a holster, you should always notice that particular number of the model. It will help you in landing the best gun holster in which your gun will perfectly fit. Some people make a mistake to notice the design and forget to notice the model that can land them a wrong holster. So be aware of your gun model when buying a holster.

Noticing the drawing hand is important

You should keep in mind that which is your drawing hand. If you are left-handed, then you should specifically buy a holster for left-hander people. If you buy a wrong side holster, you have to hang it on the wrong side, which will cause a lot of inconveniences.

Choose whether you want IWB or OWB

The next choice should be between the inner waist and the outer waistband holsters. It depends on your choice: the holster that you require, some people are looking for an outer waist one, and some want an inner waist holster. There is only a difference of shape and structure in these holsters; the rest of everything is the same.

Trigger coverage

When you carry a gun with you, you should know that the trigger is the most dangerous portion. Now every time, you should not keep the gun in a lock mode; that is why when buying a holster, you should keep in mind that your gun’s trigger should be covered with the holster perfectly.

Ease of drawing from the holster

After that, when you buy a holster, then you notice that the ease of drawing the gun from a holster is different. Some holsters have more friction, and some have less. Also, some holsters are not suitable for a body type. That is why when you choose a holster; you must keep in mind that the process of drawing the gun is easy from that one.

Jaime London is a writer, contributor, editor and a photographer. He started his career as an editorial assistant in a publishing company in Chicago in 2009.