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Search Engine Optimization Marketing Strategy

SEO: The term stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a web marketing technique through “natural” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”) to promote a website among the visitor of search engines. There are SEO companies like Dynamics Digital that are there in the market as well, that help new bloggers to improve the stats of their website with healthy SEO practices. 

However, a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, etc. has a number of visitors in a day; to drive visitor to particular website SEO follows an On-page and Off-page optimization strategy to show visibility of a website in search engine result page (SERP).

On-page optimization and off-page optimization has been classified into the following sub-category. These following techniques are applied by a search engine optimization consultant to drive traffic towards a particular website with the help of keywords to b3e in a top 10 position in search engine result page – [SERP]

On-Page Optimisation:

  1. a) Keyword Research
  2. b) Keyword Density
  3. c) Web Page Optimization
  4. d) Title Tag Optimization
  5. e) Meta Tags Optimization
  6. f) Meta Descriptions Optimization
  7. g) URL re-naming

Off-Page Optimization

  1. a) Directory Submission
  2. b) Article Submission
  3. c) Blog Submission
  4. d) Press Release
  5. e) Link Building
  6. f) Social Bookmarking

Apart from the above techniques; SEOC – search engine optimization consultant also comes up with a unique technique to hook the visitor for longer period of time that’s through Social networking site – where they can create their own groups, promote images, video, quiz, survey, suggestion and opinion and so on. If you follow these strategies effectively one can easily rank in the top 10 positions in SERP – search engine result page.

All the above strategies are looking simple but they are not; and it’s up to you to how you follow this strategy to drive maximum traffic to your website and show the visibility in SERPs – search engine result pages.

However, the visitor comes to a website with the keyword typed in the search engine and the results they see in the search engine result page to land a particular website which they are looking for. So, you need to target the keyword effectively on the URL of a website with the help of an HTML Code with the proper utilization of keywords while optimizing Title Tag Meta Tags Meta Descriptions of a website.

As far as off-page optimization is concerned, you can promote the website by actively participating in Social networking sites, Writing blog, Articles, and Press release as per your website subject matter. If your website is related to products you can place deals and coupons by targeting deals site as you get traffic of multiple deal sites to your own website.

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in web marketing as the name itself suggests you optimize your website with help above strategy in a search engine to gain free visitor/traffic to your website and make the presence of a website for a long time in the world on online/web marketing.

How to Turn a Verizon iPhone into a Personal WiFi Hotspot

One of the most celebrated features of the new Verizon iPhone 4 is its ability to work as a mobile WiFi hotspot. When you consider that the AT T; iPhone only received the ability to tether a few months ago, the Verizon model’s personal hotspot ability is a major selling point.

Of course, like any cool technology, it’ll cost you. Before you use the Verizon iPhone as a personal hotspot for up to four devices, you’ll have to pay Verizon another $20 for the service. That will get you 2GB of shared data, and you’ll have to pay more for each additional gigabyte. Still, it’s a very cool, useful service, and if you travel a lot or if you’re out of town for a month or so, it’s a good feature to enable.

Make sure that iOS version 4.2.5 is installed. Really, there’s no way that it isn’t if your iPhone is right out of the package, but if you’ve jailbroken your Verizon iPhone or something like that, you may need to go back and reinstall this version of the operating system.

Tap on the Settings menu. In the menu, you’ll see a new area called “Personal Hotspot.” Can you guess what’s next?

Tap on Personal Hotspot. In here, you’ll be able to turn on the personal hotspot feature and you’ll also be able to give it a password. Be sure to do this right away, so that you don’t get a bunch of strangers hogging your connection in a coffeeshop and sending your cell phone bill through the roof.

Connect your computer. Open your network options and select “iPhone” from the list of choices. All you’ll have to do is enter your password and you’ll be ready to start surfing the web.

A minor issue. You should know that the personal hotspot feature can be a little problematic: if you receive a phone call while you’re using the Internet through the personal hotspot, your Internet will drop out. This is because Verizon phones can only make phone calls or use data services one at a time. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this for now, but the good news is that as soon as your call is over, your iPhone should switch the personal hotspot back on, and you shouldn’t need to reconnect with your computer.

This is only a minor annoyance, really, unless you’re downloading something big, which you really shouldn’t be doing through your cell phone’s 3G connection in the first place. Nevertheless, it’s good to know about before you start surfing. There will be a stable connection with the super boost wifi on the iPhone of the person. The connection will be excellent for performing of essential work. The connection of the Internet will be great for every compatible for the devices. It will be good for the person to get the best services. 

Do you have any questions about using the personal hotspot feature of the Verizon iPhone 4? Post them in the comments section below.

Qualities To Look For In A VPN Software

We all know how useful VPN can be to the average internet user. A lot of people use just because they want to get more privacy as they browse online but that’s not the only thing a VPN software is good for. It is also most useful for certain professions not to mention when you want to get a hold a much faster internet connection. But you can’t just purchase any VPN software available to you. It is important to choose the right one. In order to do this, you need to look for the right qualities in your VPN software. Here are some of them:

Efficient Qualities

Not all VPN software is created equal. Some are really good while some of them aren’t even that reliable. It’s not that the latter won’t give you what you want your VPN to do for you but it just won’t be as satisfying compared to other software. For instance, the software you chose might be a bit sluggish or slow. It could have some bugs. Maybe you need to keep track of your logs but some VPN software don’t really offer this feature. Sometimes, it does not have anything to do with how the software was built. It is simply that various companies have different priorities when it comes to their company. 

Take A Look Of Your Locations Are Supported

Some VPN software support all locations but that is not the case with every single VPN software that you will encounter. So, you have to be really picky. You need to look into the features of the software. And if there is something that is a bit vague or confusing in your point of view, it is important to clear this out with the support team. 

Most VPN services have a live chat system integrated in their website. The team would be most likely to be glad to accompany you in your concerns. 

Determine Your Budget

Take note that these types of services require you to subscribe for at least one year. In that case, the price may be cheap if you want it per month but you will most likely be paying more than that. That being said, look for at least five VPN software that you are interested in and then compare each of them relative their features as well as their rates. 

Device Compatibility

A VPN software will most certainly help you access other countries with fast internet connections but sometimes if the software is not compatible with your device, it tends to slow down your system. As a result, not only will you experience a lag your laptop or mobile phone, but you may also witness a significant slow down in your internet speed. 

Easy-To-Use Interface

You mustn’t give yourself a tough time. The reason you need a VPN software is because you are not technically aware enough to provide privacy shields for yourself all on your own. It would be best to get a software that has a user-friendly interface. 

Are you ready to get a VPN subscription? Head over to now to get the best VPN deals.

Helpful Use Of Reverse White Pages To Identify Unknown Numbers

Receiving anonymous calls are common today. These are calls of unregistered numbers to your phone, which makes the caller’s identity quite suspicious. Unless the person immediately tells his or her name, you should use reverse white pages to know his or her identity. And reverse phone directory look-up services, such as the Pages Planches, offer great help.

All about Reverse White Pages and the Perks it offer

As mentioned earlier, many people receive calls from anonymous numbers today. And these cases aren’t fun, since these are often made by callers who wants to bother others. After all, if people really want to communicate, they would properly introduce their self upon the first call, wouldn’t they? Many even follow the rule of thumb of sending a text message before making the first call, as a sign of politeness.

But setting politeness aside, many people still do it with ill-intentions. And you want to keep them at bay before they start ruining your day. That’s when reverse phone directories or white pages help.

What are Reverse White Pages

For starters, “white pages” is the other term for telephone directories. And reverse white pages merely means reverse phone directories.  These are phone directories which come with a different format, arrange with phone numbers appearing before the name of a person.

As you notice, traditional white pages have names of people and businesses arrange alphabetically. So, you wouldn’t have difficulties finding the contact details you need. Now, in the reverse white pages, such as in Pages Planches, contact numbers are arrange in order to make it easier finding the one in question. That’s how it would lead you to the identity of an unknown caller.

And surely, you would reap valuable perks from that.

Benefits Reverse White Pages offer today

Reverse phone directories sound simple and wonderful at the same time. And that’s with the pros it gives, such as:

It helps you discover the identity of an unknown caller.  That would surely ease some worries from your thoughts.

After discovering the owner of a number, you can decide what to do as next step. For example, you can simply block the number, or report it to the police. You can talk with the caller if it turns out to be somebody you personally know. That means stopping their ill-intentions towards you.

Aside from helping you, it’s helpful for your family and friends who are bothered by anonymous callers as well. Simply tell them about reverse white pages, or track the identity of the number’s owner yourself.

Using Reverse White Pages for your Advantage

The thing about reverse white pages is that they’re not easily accessible. You can’t find them in regular telephone directories. That’s because these are often used in legal or private purposes, such as by policemen to trace a criminal. Telecom companies also use it to resolve valid dispute among their subscribers.

So, how would you use reverse white pages and reap its benefits? Here are few tips to guide you:

Find an Online Reverse White Pages Service

Begin by searching for online phone directories that have reverse white pages. For example, check out the website of Pages Planches today. You’ll see they offer regular white and yellow pages, but they promise to help you with reverse phone directory services too. Most of their phone directory features are even offered for free.

If you choose this option, however, be sure to find a reliable reverse phone directory service. Some platforms show fake numbers and identities of people to lure more users and payments. Check reviews of users before signing up, or before you pay any fees. Reliability also means legality since this is about acquiring info about a certain person, so be sure to use a platform that’s legally operating.

On a side note, many online reverse phone directories have lesser amount of data.  This would decrease the chance of spotting the owner of the unknown number bothering you. So, find one that offers more numbers or data in their system.

Connect with your Network Service Provider

If online reverse white pages aren’t suitable for you, try connecting with your telecommunication network service provider. You can do it by calling their customer service representative. Then, inform them about an unknown number calling you.

Some companies can give information about the owner of a particular number for free. But some put additional charge for reverse white pages services. Regardless, you should have a valid reason for obtaining such information.

Connect with Law Enforcers

This is the best option if the anonymous caller poses risks against your safety and security. For example, if the stranger leaves death threats in your inbox, or if they’re sending malicious messages. You shouldn’t think twice in approaching the police for it. That’s even if the stranger warns you against connecting with authorities.

The police would help you track down the real identity behind an anonymous number. Of course, they’d provide security services to you and your family when necessary as well. Moreover, they would guide you through legal processes, such as filing a case, if you’d pursue it against the criminal.

Reverse White Pages is certainly a Big Help!

Reverse white pages surely offer lots of perks for people today! That’s whether using it by your own, or asking assistance from experts to discover the owner of an unknown number. Just be sure to carefully decide on which option to go to get the results you want. Check Pages Planches for a reliable phone directory service too!