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Comparing Different Die Sets For Understanding The Working Of Each

Here is a comparison between a 3-die set and a 4-die set that are majorly found in the online markets to help you out with the selection of the right set of dies for your gun ammunition. Both sets of dies perform the same task of reloading, and the final product from any of the processes would be equally efficient.

Creedmoor is a popular four-die set that is popular for 6.5mm bullet gun owners, and on the other hand, it is Grendel, a three dive package for the same caliber bullets. To better understand the difference between these, check the homepage while comprehensively discussing each die unit’s working from both packages.

Case Sizing Die For Bringing The Used Case Back To Shape

The first die required in reloading is the sizing die that helps to reshape the used case back to the original size that it should be. On firing a cartridge, it expands to some extent, making it unsuitable for shooting again in the same condition, which is why it requires resizing.

  • Firstly as the Creedmoor dies are made of carbide, they eliminate the requirement for lubricating the case before pushing them into the die. Now coming to the full-length sizing and decapping die, this die is efficient to restore the dimensions to default for a perfect fit and firing event.
  • The Grendel full-length sizing die can also effectively reshape the cartridge back to its original form, but as the die is made of steel, the case should be lubricated before pressing so that the die does not get damaged with friction.

Seating Bullet Die That Ensures Perfect Setting Of The Bullet Head

Next comes the seating bullet die that comes with a dead length setting for better accuracy, ease, and adjustable modifications. A dead-length setting means that it adjusts how deep the bullet should be placed inside the cartridge and does not allow it to move any further inside the case. This way, you will get even-shaped pellets each time.

  • Creedmore bullet seating die allows you to adjust the depth you want to place the bullet before crimping it. Once the case is installed with a primer, it can be filled with gunpowder. And this is followed by seating the bullet tip on the mouth of the shell.
  • Grendel bullet seating dies also perform the task correctly with the same facility if adjustable depth setting. It assures compatibility with bullets of any point style such as pointed, round, or oval.

Crimping And Tightening Die For A Sealed Bullet Cartridge

The third die for a Creedmore die set, and the final die for Grendel 3 piece die set crimp die. A crimp die has standard threads on it, used to lock the bullet tightly with the shell mouth. It ensures that the gun powder is tightly packed inside the shell and creates perfect pressure when it is burnt on the fire.

  • The tight packing or bullet head with the mouth is done precisely that it shoots the head perfectly at the right pressure and does not cause any delay. This die also supports the facility to compress bottleneck cartridges as the rest of the body is of a different diameter than such bullets’ mouth.
  • For a Grendel crimp die, one may require to lubricate the crimp die at timely intervals to ensure the die’s longevity.

Collect Neck Sizing Die – Exception For Creedmoor Reloading Die Set

This die is an additional unit in the set, and it is meant for squeezing the neck of the bullet casing with the mandrel so that the bullet head does not move in any tilted direction and only fires straight forward. This way, one gets better stability of the ammunition unit, and a perfect target shooting is acquired.

Additionally, a few other tools come in the package about which you can see on the homepage, like shell holders or powder holding container unit that makes the reloading process much more comfortable and precise. These attachment tools are essential to handle the reloading accurately to eliminate the chances of weapon damage.

Availability And Overview Of Types Of Dies 

The carbide-made dies generally expensive and hard to find, but at the same time, they are destined to serve for a longer time than steel-made dies. Steel-made dies are inexpensive, but they need to be timely lubricated, and for reloading tons of bullets, they are not the right choice. The third type of Cowboy dies rarely available in the gun accessory market, highly reliable but equally costly.

If you are a regular shooter, then carbide dies would be recommended as they won’t tear out quickly and need not be lubricated. But for occasional reloading only, steel dies would be cost-effective and right for the purpose with the effective assembling of the bullet with three dies only.

Jaime London is a writer, contributor, editor and a photographer. He started his career as an editorial assistant in a publishing company in Chicago in 2009.