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Tropical Landscaping With Waterfall Pond Garden Stones For Landscape Design Ideas

The tropical landscaping is one of the famous garden. Because it’s look like natural forrest. The architects just put somethings and mixed them in the right way. They just use the natural decoration to make the tropical garden as in the picture. The use the old wood to be a step and put pebble into a step, this will increase a charming look and give some fun and natural touch to the garden. Beside the step they plants a tree to reduce the look of hardscape, they use dark green tone to make the step outstanding.

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The pathway can connect the house to the garden and every highlight of them. Also from here you still be able to see the water fall and pond. The landscape architects make the waterfall to be a main ideas of this garden and can be seen from every where. They create a path roof from the natural wood. This can use to plants some kind of ivy trees and let it growth to the top to cover them from shading in the sunny day. Beside also the same they plants some tree to reduce the hardscaping that create from this path way. If you like to give more interesting look. You can put some sand stone scrupture beside the path way. It like the welcome message for every one that walking throught this path. A tile used for floors is look very bright orange, it’s help to luminate this area to not get to much dark. At each pole they put cement at a base. This will help the pole to stand strong though the time and also they cover the cement base with natural stone. This is the detail that good landscape architecture can’t miss.

Before the path way down to waterfall you can see from the top view. It is the base angle to see all over the garden. You can see that they use natural stone to create the waterfall but anyway they use cement be a main structure and cover with the stone. This will help to easy to create a pond and water system in the garden.

Tips to create a waterfall and a stream. You just need to put a rocks over to the side of the stream. This can make it larger than the actual size, just like the natural watercause that usually have a rock all over the side of them. At the waterfall point you just keep to use a flat stone, this will help the water fall as dish shape and the sound is upto the distance between the rocks and pond below. Behind the waterfall the architecture create a personal open-air shower room. This can give a touch of nature when you going out, very lovely. And the same they plants the tree to cover the spot that they don’t want to show in the garden such as water pump and also it help to reduce the hardscape look and give a touch of nature tool.

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