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Affordable Antique Bath Vanities – Know about them 

A bathroom is more than a hygiene haven. It is a character, because it has character and quite a bit of it. Quite often, people can detect a particular mood in someone’s house on the basis of how his/her bathroom looks and feels. Thus, it is only natural for individuals to take extra care in planning the décor of the bathroom, so that the design incorporates elements of class, comfort, warmth, and functionality; timeless furniture is also a plus. What qualifies as timeless affordable bathroom furniture? A perfect example would be the antique bathroom vanity, of course! First and foremost, it reflects the charm of the original concept, which came about as a Victorian legacy with immense staying power (going on two centuries).

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Perhaps you would like to take some time and review the perks of owning a stylish antique bathroom vanity. Although they were originally regarded as centerpieces inside the parlors of the privileged few antique discount bathroom vanities are now a treasure that is accessible to you and other consumers with an eye out for real quality at discount prices. Just because antique bathroom vanities are rare in their composition does not mean that they are out of reach; as a matter of fact, more home designers (DIY enthusiasts and home design experts alike) have a tendency to opt for the familiar allure of handcrafted detail and dignified form. This same dignified appearance can translate rather well into cabinetry that ranges from 24 to 48 inch, as well as every measurement in-between and even above the 60 inch mark. Updated techniques, along with top-of-the-line materials, help bring antique bath vanities into the new age by adapting them to a wide gamut of measurements to fit a cozy, compacted flat just as effortlessly as they would fit an opulent bathroom inside a mansion.

The secret to antique bathroom vanities unwavering success undeniably stems from the finesse of balancing a classic formula with updated techniques and materials; namely, an antique bath vanity incorporates the cabinet (sometimes complete with an additional storage shelf, in a manner of a console), a countertop (typically stone, granite, cultured marble, or natural wood), a ceramic or copper sink with a brass faucet, and a mirror (often framed)… The beauty of this template is that while it gives you an idea of the components to include in your set, you can easily custom-select either of these items, in any shape or size you see fit. Also, getting back to the balance between the “then” and the “now”, you can opt for budget-friendly alternatives to wood (MDF or plywood, for example). One such item that is generating buzz is the Kaco antique discount bathroom vanity with a cherry finish. A cabinet of solid wood is complemented by MDF sides and paneling, black granite countertop, under-mounted ceramic sink, and brass hardware. Both single sink and double sink models are readily available.

Re-envisioning and reinventing your home décor does not limit you exclusively to the trendiest and newest items on the designer’s menu. Great discount bathroom vanities options are also something to look forward to, when you make the purchase via an online store that is rife with all your favorite brands that are certainly worth the Victorian seal of approval.

Jaime London is a writer, contributor, editor and a photographer. He started his career as an editorial assistant in a publishing company in Chicago in 2009.