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Bringing the most common Myths about Botox

Amongst the most common cosmetic treatments that are performed across the globe is Botox for its incredible results. However, this household treatment has got plenty of misconceptions going around it. Botox can offer patients a more young and renewed appearance when infused by qualified experts using suitable techniques. Let’s bust some of the common myths revolving around Botox treatments in this guide.

  1. Botox provides quick results

Sadly, Botox doesn’t fetch immediate outcomes. The effects are regular and subtle outcomes generally become evident within the early 3 to 5 days. And the entire result can be visible within the next seven days or so. That’s because of how the mechanism of Botox works. However, it may even go on to take about a couple of injections to see the entire results and full relaxation in some rare cases.

  1. It is Permanent

It’s not the permanent solution when it comes to reducing the presence of wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment brings temporary results, generally between 3 – 6 months. After this period movement in the muscles start to return; hence, fine lines and wrinkles will start to reappear slowly.

  1. Botox is for Women Only 

This is probably the most heard and common misconception regarding most cosmetic treatments. Women and men both happen to age and eventually, both wish to possess a younger look. Thankfully, in the modern-day, more and more men are now opening up to this idea of cosmetic augmentation and are experiencing new treatments. Both women and men can advantage of the outcomes that Botox presents. Many men endeavouring Botox seem to soften the wrinkles to look more attainable, as a few believe the wrinkles not just make them look older but even angrier. 

  1. Botox is not safe

It’s been utilized for cosmetics for the past 20 years or so and is a fully safe treatment. The misconception that reads Botox is not safe generally comes from the fact that it’s thought to be the derivative of a botulinum toxin. This toxin is generally connected to meal poisoning. It’s obtained from the protein found in the botulinum toxin. However, the levels introduced into a body aren’t high enough to be deemed toxic.

  1. It is Only for Wrinkles

It can be used for a lot more than just wrinkles. Its other cosmetic uses include treating a chin’s dimpling, lifting the eyebrows, softening one’s jawline, and raising the corners of mouths that’s started to droop. It can even be used to tackle excessive sweating via injections done in the forehead and armpits. There are several other remedial uses for Botox. In case if you’d like to see more, learn more, then feel free to speak to the doctor.

Lastly, one can say that it’s amongst the most popular anti-ageing injection that’s performed. It is due to the proven results, loyal following of the customers, and safety. To know further, go on to consult to RevitalizeYou M.D.

Jaime London is a writer, contributor, editor and a photographer. He started his career as an editorial assistant in a publishing company in Chicago in 2009.