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Central Texas Spine Institute Provides Best Treatment For Back Pains

Back pain is a common occurrence among the population. It is due to the absence of a healthy lifestyle and bad seating posture. Often people college-goers or the ones doing nine to five jobs suffer from back pain. They suffer from back pain because they are always at their desk with the minimum movement. Our whole body structure is depended on our spinal cord. It not only gives a structured shape but supports the nervous system. Any issue related to the spinal cord should be examined, usually from places like the Central Texas Spine Institute.

What are the other factors that cause back pain?

It is not only the spinal cord that is present on our back. It comprises several muscles, tendons, ligaments and disks. An unusual movement of no movement at all can put pressure on them. This pressure can develop back pains. The often causes of the pain are:

  • Strained muscle
  • Strained ligaments
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Muscle tension
  • Damaged disks
  • Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Improper lifting
  • Lifting heavy items
  • Abrupt movement

Other problems associated which generally involves fractures or some kinds of injuries are:

  1. Ruptured disks- The vertebra in our spine has a safe cushion around it called the disk. When the disk ruptures, the nerves face more pressure which causes back pains.
  2. Bulging disks- Even when the disk bulges, it puts pressure on the nerves, which again causes back pain.
  3. Sciatica- It is caused by the herniated or the bulging disk that is pressing a nerve.
  4. Arthritis- It usually targets the joints on our body. The spinal cord is no exception. Spinal stenosis is a situation when the space surrounding the spinal cord becomes narrow.
  5. Abnormality of the Spine- Scoliosis is an example of this situation, where the spinal cord curves to one side instead of the usual structure.
  6. Kidney problem- Kidney problems like infection and kidney stones can lead to back pain.

What are some of the severe causes of back pains?

The problems mentioned earlier are minute and can be treated easily by Central Texas Spine Institute. However, there are causes of back pain that take a serious turn if not treated soon. Medical conditions like:

  1. Cauda equina syndrome- The spinal cord houses a lot of nerves. It protects the nervous system by providing some barrier. The cauda equine is the bundle of the spinal nerve roots. They rise from the bottom end of the spine.
  2. Cancer- Cancer cells can grow anywhere in our body. Sometimes tumours are cancerous and can develop on the spinal cord. It is not only harmful on its own but can create extreme pressure upon the nerves.
  3. Infections- Inflammation and other causes can lead to infection on parts of the spine. Before this infection produces a dangerous outcome, you should get it treated.

Back pain can be caused by the minute as well as severe conditions. If you do not have any medical knowledge, you cannot deduct the back pain’s actual cause. Always do a checkup because every kind of back pain feels the same. 

Jaime London is a writer, contributor, editor and a photographer. He started his career as an editorial assistant in a publishing company in Chicago in 2009.