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What Goes Into Our Video Production Quote

At Videre Video Productions, we like to think we are very honest to our clients, so we would like to explain exactly what is involved in the quotes that we send to potential clients. In this guide we will include exactly what’s involved in pre-production all the way to the delivery of content. We believe that it is very important for our clients to know that there are no additional or hidden extras. We will be talking about how we quote, not how other video production companies quote, so we will be including example quotes to give you an idea of what is involved.

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Pre-Production Costs

There is not always a cost for pre-production, because the client may already have planned exactly what they want and wrote all the scripts required. So in that scenario, our production crew would only be required for the filming and the post-production stage, so they will literally only be needed for their services and equipment. Some costs in the pre-production stage for large budget productions could include the following:

  • Research of Scripts

Depending on the length of scripts, it may take time to study or breakdown the script for storyboards, but this stage is not normally included as a cost.

  • Idea Generation

Again this is normally included without a cost. Our team will work together to generate a number of ideas to put forward to our client to give us feedback or to develop the ideas.

  • Filming Schedule

Will will always include a filming schedule, with all of our productions. This is not something that costs anything, but it summarises all the pre-production we have done including locations, actors, equipment hire, permits, directions and anything else that leads into production.

  • Producer

Depending on the size of the budget or how much needs to be organised, there could potentially be a producer cost who will be in charge of organising everything that goes into a production.

  • Film Crew & Cast

We have our own in-house production team, who cover most projects and this saves our client a lot of money. If we need a larger crew we will normally outsource the work to freelancers who we can trust, rely on and those who we have worked with before.

  • Equipment Hire

We actually already have a lot of our own equipment including cameras, sound equipment and lighting, which again saves our clients a lot of money, because we do not have to hire the equipment from any outside companies. The only equipment we may hire includes large equipment such as camera jibs, crane or tracks.

  • Storyboard Artist or Scriptwriter

Depending on the projects, such as for something very creative, we can hire a storyboard artist or a scriptwriter that we would work with alongside the clients brief.

Production Costs

There is a lot that goes into the production, which is mostly down to the crew, cast, equipment and expenses. Production is always the shortest amount of time that is spent on any project, but also the most expensive. Remember these are all the crew that might be required for a shoot, all budgets are different, have a look at the example quotes. It will also hopefully help you think about other options, give you extra ideas for what else we can include in your video.

Jaime London is a writer, contributor, editor and a photographer. He started his career as an editorial assistant in a publishing company in Chicago in 2009.