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Two of the Best Independent Laurel Heights Coffee Shops

Good morning! Start the day right with a “cuppa” your favorite brew. Laurel Heights/Presidio Heights is great neighborhood for local shopping and dining amenities, and coffee shops are no exception. True, we’re just a little short on nightlife.

Here are the top picks:

Laurel Village – Rigolo Cafe

We call it the Noah’s Ark of Shopping Centers, because there’s two of everything. Except coffee shops and banks, there are four each of these! Three blocks of popular stores and restaurants with (you can get a 90-minute validation from any shop) free parking lot at the rear and metered parking in the front which runs from Laurel to Spruce Street along California Street. The MUNI number 1 and number 2 buses stop along here.

At the corner of Spruce Street, you’ll find San Francisco’s only 24-hour Starbucks, only closed for three hours from about 1 am to 4 am on Sunday night/Monday morning. Just a block east, there’s are a couple more chains, Peet’s and Noah’s Bagels.

While the first are chains and definitely have their fans, Rigolo Cafe is a family-owned place, completely unique, with a full menu and well worth a visit. Rigolo’s theme is French fun and flair, in a high-celilinged place with black and white umbrellas hanging upside down from above. It feels like a tribute to “Singing in the Rain”, and I believe it is meant to! With an emphasis on keeping the kids happy and engaged, there is a children’s play area, cookies that the kids adore and a kids’ menu. Pull up to a cafe table with rattan chairs on the sidewalk, a la Parisien, for some people-watching in fine weather. Even their website is fun to look at, with a good deal of helpful information and menus, biographies of the owners and staff as well as their favorite menu selections, so you feel that you get to know everyone a bit.

Sacramento Street – Dolce  amp; Salato

Dolce  amp; Salato, corner of Locust Street is one of their two locations, the other being Market Street between 7th  amp; 8th Streets. You will find an amazing array of choices on the menu, and one of the few places where all coffees and teas are offered hot or iced. good Italian coffee, cappuccino, home baked pastries and the newspaper to start your day right. Bagels are delivered fresh daily and eggs – with bacon, cheese or tomato – are also on the menu. Generous paninis (eggplant with roasted bell peppers and mozzarella was tasty) on focaccia, sandwiches and wraps accompanied by soup or salad, or a big salad on its own are available for lunch and a beer and wine menu is coming soon at this location. It’s a relaxing atmosphere with chandelier and murals on the walls, to inspire a touch of Italy. They use local suppliers, have better than average china cups and saucers, use recycled products for take-out containers. Shorter hours, though. Official websites of the subscription are provided to the person. Interested person can click here for freshly roasted coffee within affordable rates. The products will be made available as per the specifications of the customer to get the best profit. Proper research on the link can be made through the person for further information. 

Jaime London is a writer, contributor, editor and a photographer. He started his career as an editorial assistant in a publishing company in Chicago in 2009.